Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's All About the Faces

I have many faces. I have the 'whoops, I pooped my pants and yes I know, you just changed my diaper like 2 seconds ago' face. I have the 'stop kissing my face mom and just feed me' look. I have the 'I curl my lips like Elvis' look when I'm trying to focus in on mommy and daddy's faces. Oh and my favorite, 'the deep sleep grin when I'm dreaming of boob'.

I also make many sounds...mommy says I sound like a sheep and daddy says I sound like a horse. When I'm being burped, I tuck in my bottom lip and it quivers...and I open my mouth just a little bit - enough to make cute little noises. Sometimes it sounds like I'm whimpering or almost crying...but I'm not, because 2 seconds later...I smile.

I occasionally snore, but mom and dad have been putting a stop to that - they've been giving me nose drops to help loosen up my bugers. I don't like getting it done but it helps me sleep so much better. I also started taking mylacon yesterday - gas - it happens to the best of us.

I have the hiccups after every feeding. It makes it hard to fall back asleep but mom holds me tight to her chest and rests her chin on my forehead - that's one of my favorite times with her.

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