Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let's Talk About My Big Toe

I have the cutest big toe - actually 2 big toes. They're longer than the rest of my toes - but not by too much - they're not freaky or anything. My toenails are the perfect length. Mom hasn't even had to cut them yet! Unlike my fingernails which she's had to trim a total of 5 times since I was born! Did you hear me? 5 times!

Mom always kisses my feet. Especially when she's changing my dirty diaper. I always stretch my big toes forward - towards my face if you can picture it. I don't know why - feels good, I guess. Mom is constantly squeezing them and touching them, and rubbing them on her cheeks, ugh, she just won't stop.

Daddy says these toes will make me a good 'place kicker' someday - ya know, like in football? He says I could be the guy who runs out on the field and gets paid the big bucks to kick the ball once or twice - that way - I could play football and not get would be happy!

Anyways, back to my big toes. Did I mention how soft they are? They're like a baby's butt...oh, I mean, like my butt! And they don't smell! Maybe mommy will take a picture of them soon so you can all see what they look like? Especially my grandparents and great-grandparents in Massachusetts. I just know they're going to love my toes...all 10 of them!


  1. HI Dylan, your toes sound pretty cute. Mine are cute too, but a little on the crazy can ask your Aunty Laura about that!

  2. Hi Camryn! It's nice to meet you! My mommy has showed me so many pictures of you. Maybe we can hang out together some time? Playdate?