Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kick It Out

Whenever daddy changes my diaper...he always talks to me. His favorite thing to say is, "kick it out". When he's trying to put my footsies back on - I always scrunch my legs up towards my chest and then I kick them out towards daddy. We never quite get nsynch with each other though. Just when he's trying to put my foot in it - I'm taking it back and when I'm kicking it out, he's fumbling to get the (I think it's all really funny...and I like playing this game with him). Mommy always laughs when she hears daddy saying 'kick out out''s our little thing :)

So, I forgot to mention a few things about yesterday...first off...I need to give a shout out to my grandpa Longley...he turned 54...Happy Birthday gramps! I can't wait to meet you! AND I went for my VERY FIRST OUTING yesterday...(of course I've been out to the doc's already...but that's no I didn't count that). I wish I could say I went somewhere exciting...but mommy and daddy needed groceries so we went to Walfart...I know, I know...go ahead and laugh. I overheard mommy say she was going to lie and put something cooler in my baby book - but hey, I gotta tell it like it is.

It was a great day to take me because it was in the 60's. Mommy was so nervous about taking me out...but she calmed down once we were there. Only one person came up to her - a little old lady who asked if she could see her baby (that would be me) and mom said 'yes'. Mommy won't let any strangers touch me - even my hands. She was all ready to pounce on anyone that tried - but luckily, she didn't have to. That little old lady just looked at me and smiled. I can't say that I'm a big fan of the bright lights in Walfart...or the bumps in the floor - it makes for a rough carriage ride. I slept for most thru most of the shopping - woke up a few times to test my lungs out but other than that - I heard mommy and daddy say I was a really good boy.

I gotta go eat now. xoxo dylan

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