Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grandma's In Town

Grandma Longley is in town :) and I love, love, love her. I stare at her all day long. She puts me in cute outfits and talks to me non-stop. It's been a rough couple of days...mommy & daddy think I might have colic. I know, I know...when will I get a break? First I had to have photolight therapy...then I had a blocked tear duct...then a bad diaper rash...then acid reflux and now possibly colic? What the hell is going on here? Oh, and to boot, I have new baby acne on my face now...and it looks like rosacea! Say it ain't so!

I feel like I have so much to fill you in on...last weekend I went to grandma and grandpa Ruffing's house in Iowa - boy was it fun! I got to meet aunty Erica and she's the best! I love her so much. She held me and rocked me and rubbed my head. She bought me a new brush, new books and a lullaby/nursery rhyme cd for mommy and daddy so they don't have to make up the words anymore. Thanks aunty Erica! I love you! I can't wait to see you and Nick again!

So, I have a big announcement to make...the first night that grandma Longley was here...she gave me a bath and I did not cry for the first time ever...and then...get this...grandma put me in the "miracle blanket" (that's really what it's called) and I slept for 5 HOURS! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Mommy got to sleep for 5 HOURS STRAIGHT! Boy was I hungry when I woke up though! Thank you grandma Longley...I needed that sleep! I was starting to become a cranky little boy. To show my appreciation...I peed on grandma twice and then shot it towards the wall :) What are little boys for, right?

I have my pictures scheduled for tonight but we're in the middle of an ice storm, so I might have to wait until tomorrow to get them done. Mommy and grandma have already picked out my outfits. I heard them say I'm doing 2 different looks and then a naked one of course. Mommy has her 6 week checkup on Friday - so I'll be venturing out that day as well. I think mommy and grandma are going to take me shopping. Believe it or not, I need some more clothes. I'm in that in-between stage where I've grown out of my newborn stuff - but I'm not big enough to fit in to the 0-3 months stuff. I'm just a little boy.

Okay, time for my nap. Grandma wants to rock me and kiss my face. Peace out y'all!

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