Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday to my dad. He is the best dad in the whole world and in honor of his 34th birthday today, here are 34 reasons why I love him so much:
1. He rocks me to sleep every night.
2. He gives me kisses even when I don't want them.
3. He takes care of me and mommy.
4. He buys me whatever I want.
5. He tells me jokes.
6. He says I look just like him.
7. He laughs with me.
8. He plays with me right when he gets home from work.
9. He tells me I'm his best friend.
10. I know he'd do anything for me.
11. He gives great family hugs.
12. He changes my poopy diapers.
13. He watches sports on TV with me.
14. He sings along to the tunes on my sit n' spin.
15. He knows all of my bedtime books by heart.
16. He sleeps in awkward positions just so I can be comfy in bed.
17. He pulls the car up to the mall entrance so I don't have to go so far in the cold.
18. He fills my sippy cup with water and then lets me throw it all around.
19. He gives me pieces of his dinner even though I never eat them and just throw them on the floor so he can pick them up later.
20. We have staring contests and I always win :)
21. He puts me up on his shoulders.
22. He lets me drink out of his cup with water in it.
23. He pushes me around on my bike in the house and we chase after Bailey.
24. He loves doing photo shoots of me and him.
25. He has about a million photos on his phone and they're all of me.
26. He comes up with crazy-ass songs to sing to me.
27. He calls me Bubba.
28. He gives me baths.
29. When my socks are too wet to wear because I've been sucking on them from teething...he goes out and buys me new ones so my toes don't get cold.
30. He pays a ridiculous amount of money for me to do yoga.
31. He works a lot so mommy can stay home with me.
32. There's no one else like him.
33. When I'm in a bad mood, he lifts up his shirt and sticks his tummy in my face so I'll laugh.
34. He's the only dad I'll ever have and he's the best ever.

Love you dad! xoxo Dylan

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