Monday, January 4, 2010

Stressed! Nah...not me!

What a friggin' stressful day. You have no idea. Absolutely no idea. Who told mom and dad it would be a good idea to schedule back-to-back dentist appointments today? Huh, who? Was it you? 'Cuz it sure wasn't me, the 1 year old, who couldn't sit still after the first HOUR in there. They thought it'd be better to stick me in there for TWO hours. Oh yeah, great. Well, tantrum, that's what you get for thinking I could last on one, 20 minute nap this morning.

Oh, and it gets better. Mom thought it'd be fun, yeah you heard me, FUN, to have the dentist look at my teeth for the first time to get me 'used to going to the dentist' as she put it. WRONG! I should have known something crappy was about to happen when her and the dentist sat knee-to-knee and laid me down on their laps like I was doing the fish pose in yoga. Are-you-kidding-me-mom?

And, if that wasn't enough, it's now 12pm and we are all STARVING. And when mama-cita doesn't get food...NObody gets food. Watch out! Mamma gets STRESSED OUT big time. So, we hopped in the car - bypassed getting gas FOR THE CAR! Who needs gas? Nah, we'll just run on fumes, literally. Windshield washer fluid, clear out, nah, who needs that on a slushy-road day? Heck, not I! Afterall, I'm still REAR-FACING in the backseat and pissed off about it like it's nobody's business. Yep, I have those parents. The ones who plan on squeezing out every single pound and inch they can out of the carseat we have. Lucky-ducky-me.

Anyways, back to the lunch thing. I knew we shouldn't have stopped. I was minding my own business in the backseat - playing with Micky - when mom and dad pulled in to the Village Inn. WRONG PLAN! I told them right away, well actually, I waited for them to get comfy, take off their coats and order their LUNCH before I started screaming. Did someone say, PAYBACK? So, it was 'let's take-it-to-go for us' and back in the car we went.

I won't even tell you about our gas station stop en route home...but instead, I'll skip right to the part where we got home and dad almost tripped and killed himself on Bailey's bone. Agh, what a day...

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