Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Update

What a nice weekend I've had so far! Daddy has Monday off so it'll be a 3-day weekend for all of us - which mommy just loves :) Let's see, yesterday we woke up, ate breakfast, grabbed coffee and jumped in the car to head to Osage Beach. We were originally going to Branson, but I didn't fall asleep like mom and dad had planned so we kept on driving. It took us about 2 hours - but we finally got to the outlets. We found some great deals! I picked out some shirts for my 2 baby cousins - Nash and Coleman!
I also said 'ball' yesterday for the first time! Mom and dad got me that ball pit (see earlier post) so I'm mastering the word. I think I said 'book' too! Oh, and I'm saying 'dad' much clearer now. What a big boy I'm becoming! Well, I did turn 13 months I'm not surprised.

Check out this video of me scooting for the 1st time. I've gotten much better but there's nothing like the 1st time! Daddy caught me on film:

Mom is busier than ever with her interviews for work - so it'll be dad and I on Monday afternoon. Mom has an assignment at 230 in Diamond - so we have to find something to keep us busy while she is gone! Dad...what are we going to do? Maybe we could play in my ball pit?

I go back to the pediatrician's office on Thursday for more shots. I think I am getting the chicken pox one...ewww...oh well, gotta stay vaccinated right? Hmmm, I think that's about it for me. Not much news!

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