Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weaning :(

Today I went to Branson. Mom had to return some sweatpants at Nike - so we decided to make a little trip out of it. It rained all it was a good day to just hang out - go for a long car ride - etc. We ended up eating at Chili's...I had mashed potatoes...mmmm...that's my new favorite thing and the ONLY thing that I'll eat these days.

Mom was really tired when we got home - so dad played with me for 2 hours while she took a nap! Thanks dad! I know mom really appreciated it! We made chocolate chip cookies when she woke up...then we talked to grandma Longley for a little while and then it was time for dinner. Guess what I had? Yep. You guessed it...mashed potatoes. Dad had a salad...and cookies (I know...I know) had a salad and half a sandwich (and some cookies for dessert). and I have started the process of weaning. I've waited to say anything on my blog until I knew it was official...but today marked the 4th day that we've been at it. And I'm not gonna's hard. I'm so used to nursing whenever I want - that being on a schedule now is tough. Like today for nursed me at 6am and then not again until 11 (that's 5 hrs!). She tried to hold me off until 3 for the next session but I was really fussy and just wanted to eat - so at 130 I ate again (2 1/2 hrs)...then again at 5 (3 1/2 hrs) and finally, 7 (2 hrs). I know that probably sounds like a lot to other 13 month olds...but when you're used to eating every hour (yes, I was eating that much)...days like today are a HUGE change for me.

Mom says the reason we're slowing down now is because I was biting her a lot. Almost every time I went to nurse, I would clamp down and not let go (ouch!) Plus...she knew there were a lot of times that we were just nursing out of routine - rather than real hunger...and she didn't want to wake up one day when I was 2 and say, 'Oh, maybe we should think about weaning?' And have it be that much harder on the both of us. Don't get me wrong...we are still going to nurse, as it is both of our favorite time together but mom is going to try and scale it back to once in the morning and once at night/just before bedtime. I still nurse throughout the that could be a challenge. But we've decided to tackle one issue at a time. So, we're starting with the days! And I'll tell you what, it's proven to be quite a challenge for mom. So much so, that she had to call dad at work to come home for backup support on Thursday! I was so mad at her for not letting me nurse when I wanted to that I bit her face! heard right...I bit my mom's face. Dad came home early from work and mom was relieved!

Although this is a new chapter for us, I know we'll get through it slowly but surely. Mom is 'weaning me with love' as she says...and she has a goal of having me down to 2 nursing sessions a day by April. That gives us both plenty of time to adjust. Wish us luck :)

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