Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9 Month Checkup Went Well!

I had my 9 month checkup yesterday and it went really well. I weighed in at 21 lbs., 8 oz. (mom thought I'd be 23 or so...and dad thought I'd be 22...looks like dad was closer!) It was funny because right after I weighed in...a little boy weighed in right after me and he was older than me...maybe 12 months +? He could make a cow sound so he was a little bit older...anyways...he weighed in at 21 lbs., 4 was heavier than him! Ha, ha...I'm not sure what these old folks are feeding me but it's sure doing the job!
Doc said I look good - growing great, etc. Mom and dad said I wouldn't have to get any shots but I ended up having to get ONE...the flu really hurt :( I have to go back next month to get the booster and the H1N1...I still have no idea what the heck that one is...but I trust that I have to get it many shots for such a little boy...
Let's see...what else has been going on...we made it to the fall festival on Sunday. We were supposed to go on Saturday but it was raining cats and dogs out here so we ended up going to the outlets in Branson with grandma and it's a good thing we did because Coach was having a HUGE sale! Mom got a super cute bag and wallet :) Yay mom!
Any who, we spent the day in Branson and then on Sunday we went to Cider Days and got a big pumpkin with our names on it. We had to wait FOREVER for it...but it was worth it...I'll post a picture later. Mom said she has to dress me up real cute and put me right next to the pumpkin before we can post any pictures. But for's a new one for ya :) (Oh, that's me and mom at yoga by the way. I'm playing with these really cool toys that Judy, my yoga teacher brought).

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