Saturday, September 26, 2009

Winna, Winna, Chicken Dinna!!!

Man, I'm really slackin' on my posts lately, huh? Sorry 'bout that. I guess I've been a bit busy lately. Huh? Oh well, okay, so where'd I leave off? Oh yeah, so Thursday we made it to story time...finally! I met some other kids (none my age though) :( and it was a pretty good time. It was cute because the librarian-lady had all of our names up on the bulletin board with stickers next to our attendance. Mine had none! Poor me! Mom felt so bad...but really, I was asleep the last two times so what's a mom to do?
Any who, Friday we had a quick cup of coffee with Melissa and Owen - and then mom and I were off to Joplin for groceries. I slept the way there and the way back...and mom said I was a VERY good boy in the store :) She's always clipping coupons and trying to save money when we go grocery shopping but somehow...our bill always comes up high! It's usually between $160-190'ish...doesn't that seem steep? And that's EVERY week folks! And that's for 3 people? I don't get it...
Friday night was really came home from work and mom made a yummy salad for her and dad. Since they both had WW points left, we went to Sonic and got some ice cream...I fell asleep on the way home and so when we pulled in the driveway - all mom had to do was put me in bed and nurse me for a minute or two. That's it! She was able to go back out into the living room with dad and hang out. It was so quite though, they didn't know what to do with themselves!
I woke up at 8am this morning and we all ate breakfast. Then we went to Keen Bean and had coffee...then I took an hour nap...and mom steam cleaned the floors while dad mowed the lawn. When I woke up, we all ate lunch and then went to Lowe's to pick out paint colors for our master bath. I pretty much missed my afternoon come dinnertime...I was getting very sleepy. We went out to dinner with friends tonight to a place called 'The Blackbird'. It's this little dive in Aurora but man, do they have good food! We had a great time...just laughing...telling stories...and watching me eat and play with my toys.
I tried chicken for the first time last night and I LOVED IT! Guess I'm not going to be a vegetarian like my mom! Anyways, tonight was my 2nd night eating chicken so yah, everyone watched me down my entire jar of babyfood. I fell asleep on the way home...woke up when we pulled in the and dad gave me a quick bath, nursed me and off to bed I went! I need a good night's sleep tonight...I'm head to grandma and grandpa's tomorrow :)

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