Friday, September 4, 2009

Go Confidently In the Direction of Your Dreams

You know, after reading some other people's blogs out there, I realize that I'm not such a bad sleeper after all. I read about these other babies who sleep 5 hours here and 6 hours there and then they're up at 6 am for the day and never take naps...heck, I go to sleep anywhere between 7-9pm and I don't wake up until 845 in the morning...(I nurse throughout the night...but mom and I both do it with our eyes closed so neither one of us has to get up). I guess I am a good sleeper? Mom has it good I think? I always go down for a nap in the morning, one in the early afternoon and then a long one in the early evening. I knew I was a good boy!
So, mom had an epiphany today...while she was running around like crazy tonight trying to get ready for a tag sale tomorrow and not having time to even eat her dinner...she's decided that she's going to be more confident in her decision making when it comes to me. Yes, that's right, you heard me. She's a good mom and always has been but she sometimes lacks confidence in the decisions she makes surrounding what we do from day to day. Well, not anymore. Mom has decided that she is a woman 'here me roar', I put that in there for giggles). I've never questioned mom's ability to parent me but she's always second guessing herself. Is that normal for first time parents? Maybe...but if she doesn't gain the confidence we both need...than who will? Go ahead mom...make those decisions and feel good about 'em!
Screw waiting for the new year to make resolutions - mom and I have decided that we are no longer going to spend our days pleasing others. We are going to hang out, play and enjoy every moment together - whether we are at home or running errands. I love you mom :)

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