Friday, September 11, 2009

Bye Bye Dylan...Bye Bye! I Can Wave Bye Bye!

I didn't wake up until 9am today folks - yep - slept thru my morning coffee date with Melissa and Owen - oops! So today was a HUGE day for me...guess what???? I waved BYE-BYE for the first time today!
Mom and I were in the grocery store and she kept waving her hand and saying 'bye bye Dylan, bye bye'! And I waved back! Mom flipped out in the store and started clapping and kissing me and shouting 'oh my god! oh my god'! I think she was excited!!!
Now I'm home...and I haven't done it once for dad! He's starting to think that I never did it? should've gotten it on camera for proof!
I also got a big box in the mail today. It was filled with lots of fun fall clothes from grandma Longley! Thanks grandma :) I can't wait to do a photo shoot with mom and dad so we can send you some pictures of me in everything. Oh, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new stuffed has my name on it :) Thanks gram = love you.

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