Saturday, October 17, 2009

Welcome, tooth #2

It's official - tooth #2 has emerged. Dad noticed it when we were eating lunch today. Why is dad always the one to notice them? Any who, I'm not surprised it's there. Last night was terrible. Let's just call it what it is = the night from hell. There, I said it. It took mom and dad over 2 HOURS to get me to bed...and it got so bad, mom had a meltdown and told dad to leave - with me in the car - so she could have some peace and quite! Geeze! and I went for a ride and came back about 15 minutes later...I was asleep, dad was tired and mom was relieved.
So, like I said, I'm glad the tooth has broken thru. It is right next to my 1st tooth. So now I have 2 bottom teeth and they are pearly white. Mom said they are the most beautiful 2 teeth she has ever seen. We all think the next 2 are going to be my top ones. They are busting at the seams...
I think it's kinda funny that I have 2 teeth but am showing absolutely no interest in crawling. I guess it just goes to show ya that every baby does things at their own pace. I hear that my cousin Coleman, who is only 2 days younger than me, is crawling all over the place, but has no teeth. Funny how every baby is so different?
It was cold out here today. Not as cold as Mass. though. I heard it was snowing there. It was probably 50's here today, raining a little bit, and windy. I woke up around 6 this morning and dad got me back to sleep around 7 and I didn't wake up again until almost 10. Yikes! Once we got dressed and had some breakfast - we grabbed some coffee and headed to Joplin for some groceries. How is it, that 2 1/2 people...can rack up a grocery bill EVERY WEEK for around $200? We eat ourselves out of house and home every time...we barely eat out...maybe once a week...I just don't get it? Mom clips as many coupons as she can...but most of them have nothing to do with what we buy. I'd love to know how much other people spend out there...are we crazy? We make a list, sometimes we even bring a calculator and still...the bill is high. Hmm.
Grandma and grandpa are coming over for lunch tomorrow and we are going to celebrate both of their birthdays AND their anniversary. I have 2 special cards for them and some yummy cupcakes. Can't wait to see them :)
Nighty night. Hopefully I fall asleep in the next 30 minutes or so...

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