Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My 1st Halloween Party!

I had a blast today! My very 1st Halloween party was today at Itsy Bitsy Yoga. Mom and I brought cupcakes - homemade of course - funfetti vanilla with chocolate frosting and colored sprinkles. Mmmm. Here's the deal with my costume (s)...yes, that's plural.

Okay, so I have 2 grandmas, well 3 actually. Anyways, grandma Ruffing gave me a skeleton costume and grandma Longley gave me a lion costume. Since I love both of them equally - I decided to wear one costume today and one costume on Saturday. Since I have to bend in yoga, I decided to wear the onesie skeleton costume (sorry grandma Longley) today...and I'm going to wear the lion on Saturday. Oh, and I'm going to wear my lion costume on Friday too - for storytime at Barnes & Noble. So, grandma Longley, if you're reading this = you'll see that the pictures I'm going to post later on...have me in my skeleton costume. But don't worry - I'm going to post me in my lion costume as well!!!

I just got a BIG package in the mail today too! Grandma Longley sent me a Frankenstein candy bucket, with a Halloween teddy bear, a new book and some cheerios! Thanks gram! I can't wait to try those cheerios for the first time! And the's so friggin' cool. It's a cheerio book?! When you open it up, you're supposed to 'fill in' the missing cheerios with actual cheerios! It's so neat! You're always sending me the coolest things!

Let's see, what's been such a crazy week I don't know what I've blogged about and what I haven't?! Mom and I are staying home ALL DAY tomorrow, thank God! We're just going to breakfast and scrapbook...hug...kiss...and love some more. Oh, and then when daddy gets home, we are going to the picture lady's house to pick out my pictures I just had done. And then on Friday, I think we are going to storytime at B&N and I'm going to see Iyush and Tohbee and Davis...can't wait! Saturday, mom and dad are going birthday party much going on!

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