Saturday, October 24, 2009

What happened?

Am I going thru separation anxiety? I won't even let mommy put me do anything! I don't even want to take a bath...and I LOVE bathtime. What's going on with me? I have no fever. I'm not hot. My pneumonia is gone. I'm full. What gives?
Mom can't wait for dad to get home...she says I'm a handfull! How do single moms do it?! Any who, mom and I had a lot of fun today. This is what our day looked like:

It was sunny and maybe low 60's out. We went to story time at Barnes & Noble...and I met up with Iyush and his mom Tsheten! They are my friends from IBY! Yay! We made Halloween bags...marched in a parade (around the store) our pictures taken...and caught up. It was so much fun!
Then mom and I went home and went for a walk. It was way too nice out not to take advantage of the beautiful weather. I watched mom make a new recipe. She made tomato vegetable bisque...and it came out pretty good. Tomorrow she's going to make daddy some sweet potato fries...yum:) Oh, and we did another load of laundry and another load of dishes! Geeze!
Can't wait to see dad you daddy!
PS - Thank you Erin for posting a comment! I never know if any one is reading my blog :(

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  1. you are more than welcome - I check it daily buddy! :)