Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting My Own Personality

It's another hot one today in Missouri. Mom and I don't have anything I think we'll be staying at home for the day. Hopefully she'll be able to get me down for my naps...I usually don't fall asleep unless I'm in the car. Good luck mom!
I woke up at 830 this morning and watched mom eat her cereal. Then she gave me my medicine and now I'm playing in my exersaucer (oh, and blogging). I think we might read some books and play with my blocks. Mom likes to work on my baby books while I'm playing - and we put music on in the background and jam out.
We might get coffee too. Mom's craving Starbucks but the closest one is in Aurora and I don't really feel like driving all that way just for coffee. Although, if she can't get me to might not be a bad idea.
We're going to Springfield tonight when dad gets home from work. Mom's wedding ring has been sent out 3 times (!) already to be resized...we're hoping it's ready today! We were going to looking at a jogging stroller that we saw on Craig's List but mom just found out that it sold overnight...sorry mom.
I guess the biggest thing going on with me right now is my PERSONALITY. Boy do I have one...and it's weird?! I like to scream out loud...and listen to my voice...and I put my hands up to block my face when mom and dad try to kiss me. And I turn my head and purse my lips together when they try to give me my medicine. We went to TJ Maxx the other day and mom put a toy in front of me to see if I'd like it...then she took it away and I didn't like that! MOM! So yeah, now, if you put a toy in front of me...don't do it unless you plan on buying it. Dad learned that the hard way. $8 later...we walked out with a loud, music-playing thing. I love it!

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