Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Up Again Last Night - Sorry Dad

I was up again last night - once at midnight and again at 430...what's going on? At least I'm in a good mood when I wake up, right? I keep telling mom and dad I just wanna talk...but they insist that I go back to bed. I finally went back to sleep (with daddy's help) about an hour later. I woke up at 745 this morning. I usually don't get up until 830/845! Don't tell me I'm going to make this a habit :(
I haven't been eating a lot of solid foods lately. I wonder if that's a teething thing? I'm still nursing a lot but I didn't eat breakfast today and I only had a few bites of my lunch. Maybe I'm saving room for carrots at dinner...

I've been working on standing up. I'm doing a really good job at it. Mom and dad can't believe I can do it. They think I'm going to skip the whole crawling thing and just go straight into walking. We shall see...right now I'm having too much fun keeping them guessing.

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