Friday, August 7, 2009

Teething (Insert Expletive Here) Sucks

Have I mentioned, teething (insert expletive here) sucks. I don't actually know if I'm teething, but that's my guess. One second I'm happy as a clam and the next I'm screaming bloody murder. Mom went out and bought me these cool teething things last night. You can put ice cubes, melon, grapes, etc. in them and I just gnaw on them when my gums are hurting. But the neat thing is, there's a little mesh net on top of the binkie so the skin from the fruit, etc. stays in the little basket. (I've only had ice cubes in it, but mom read up on what you could put in there). Let's just say, I've been making mom's days pretting interesting.
I woke up at 5am today - I just kept rolling around in bed. Mom finally went and woke dad up because she hadn't really slept all that well. She was exhausted. Poor dad, he had to stay up with me for a while...and I didn't even go back to sleep for him. He ended up putting me back in bed with mom and she nursed me to sleep. I slept until 845. I hope tonight goes a little better. I know they're both, well all of us, are really tired.
Okay, enough venting. I went shopping today with my friends; Melissa and Emilee. We had a great time. Emilee got lots of new school clothes and I did a lot of people-watching. I also tried a new jar of baby food - I think it was farmer's market blend or something? Not bad.
We don't have anything planned for this weekend. We have to get groceries at some point. And Monday we are going to gram and gram's to help them move in. But other than that, I think it should be pretty low key.

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