Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vegging Out This Weekend

Let's see...where do I begin...I haven't blogged in a few days but believe me...I'm still teething. I had a busy weekend so I thought I'd catch you all up today. Saturday I went grocery shopping with mom and dad. We stayed home all day and just caught up around the house. Mom cleaned her closet and worked on my baby went thru his old kid stuff and boxed that up to put in the attic. That was probably my favorite part of the weekend. (Probably because I scored some great books and daddy's old, plastic cash register!)
It was nice to just stay home and veg, ya know? I feel like we've been running all over the place lately. I didn't sleep well the past few nights so I needed to take it easy. Sunday, we ended up staying in a hotel in Joplin so that we could be there for gram and gramps early the next day to help them move in to their new house! Yay! They're finally here! I'm so happy!
Mom and dad took me swimming at the hotel - it was so much fun! I really am a good swimmer. I kicked and splashed and laughed. I wish we had a pool (hint, hint dad). Anywho = I'm going to Grace's house today...that's my girlfriend if you don't has a drs appointment so Grace and I are going to play while mommy goes to that. Hopefully, I won't get too upset when mom leaves. She doesn't leave me with other people very often - but this is good practice. And I've known Grace now for more than half of my life - so I'll be fine :)

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