Sunday, August 30, 2009

What a Great Weekend!

What a great weekend! I saw grandma and grandpa yesterday. They babysat me while mom and dad when mini-golfing for their anniversary. (Dad whooped mom's butt by the way) was all talk when she said she could beat dad at golf...oh well, maybe next time mom!
We had our friends over last night and had some good laughs :) They're always so fun to hang out with. They get a kick out of watching me jump in my horse.
I woke up this morning in a great mood and mom and dad took me for a walk. It was so nice outside. Finally not too hot! We all went to church and then mom went to get a pedicure with her friends and dad and I hung out for a few hours. We took a nap for an hour! Which I know dad really appreciated because he was pretty hungover this morning! Poor dad! He's out mowing the lawn right now - trying to get all of his stuff done around the house before his big fantasy football draft tonight. It starts at 630 and mom and I know...we have to find something to do. Thank GOD this thing only happens one season a year. Ugh!
Not much planned for tomorrow. I think mom and dad might drive me to Springfield so I can see some of mom's former coworkers. Other than that - just hanging out around the house! Maybe do some scrapbooking in my babybooks. Later!

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