Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Relaxin' At Home

Today was a pretty lax day. I woke up around 6 again (what's going on?!) and dad took me so that mom could sleep for another hour before dad left for work. I tossed and turned a lot last night, so mom didn't get much sleep. I stayed up until 830 and then fell asleep on mom for a half hour or so. Mom got to read her book for a bit - that was good - it was nice for both of us to relax.
We went and grabbed some coffee and just hung out together for a bit. Then it was back home to make lunch for dad. Mom was able to get a quick run in while dad watched me over his lunch break. She even stretched and showered before he left! Woohoo! This was mom's 4th day of running! Good job mom!
Mom and dad are doing their WW thing right now - they're trying to shed some pounds and tighten up their tummies. They're doing a good job! This Saturday will be 1 week...and so far, it's been pretty easy. I'll keep you posted :)
Tomorrow is Anastasia's going away party. I wrapped her gift today and filled out a card for her. Mom and have to make brownies tomorrow morning. I'm so excited to see my friends. It'll be kind of a busy day for us. We'll have to leave the house around 9 to be at Kristin's for 10 and then it's P-A-R-T-Y time!
Oh, and mom did get roses today! They were beautiful. She got 3 long stem roses from dad in this gorgeous bouquet and she also got a huge bouquet from her mom and sister. The florist delivered it to Keen Bean where mom and I were hanging out! Cool huh? It was a great day all around. Happy Anniversary mom and dad. I love you!

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