Monday, August 3, 2009

Running Errands

It was way too hot in Missouri today folks. Way too hot for me and way too hot for my mom and dad. This weather, ugh, I could do without. This is when I especially miss the east coast. We tried to stay cool by staying in the house for most of the morning. Dad played with me while mom cleaned the master bathroom. (You have NO idea how disgusting it was...and I'll spare you the details). It took her a whole HOUR! Once daddy saw how clean it was he wanted to buy new rugs - so off to Joplin we went. We grabbed some milkshakes and a shopping we went!
Hmmm...what else...we got home around 430/5'ish and just played in my room with some blocks. Mom worked on my baby book...or should I books...yes, that's plural. That wasn't a typo. I have not ONE but TWO baby books so far. And I say so far, because I have an inkling that there will be more before the year is over. Oh mom...
I had a new food tonight for dinner: peaches. Yum! It was a blend; peaches, oatmeal and bananas. I ate half the jar it was so good. Mom and dad had sandwiches - it was too hot to turn the stove on so we all went simple.

That's me (up there) in my room playing. That shirt I'm wearing is from Vegas when dad went to March Madness and that adorable green sweater I have on is from San Francisco when mom and dad vacationed there last year. Oh, and that blue thing in my mouth is my BINKIE. I think that's all I have to say. Talk to you tomorrow!

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