Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Aquababes & My 6 Month Checkup

I had my 6 month checkup on Monday and I weighed in at 19 lbs.! Whoah! I got the Rotavirus vaccine and the last of my Hep B shots. Not so bad...I go back in 2 weeks for the rest of my shots. So far, I haven't had any reactions this go fact, mommy took me to my first swim class yesterday - and I didn't cry once. My instructor called me 'the fish of the class'. Did you hear that? I'm a natural!
The class is called Aquababes. Check mom and I out: My favorite part was the boogy board. I got right on my tummy and kicked my way thru the water. It was so much fun! I made some new friends...Connor, Alexa, Sophie and Jesse. I'll be going every Tuesday morning and yes, I'm still doing my yoga too. Mom's makin' sure that I get my exercise in and I'm making sure she gets out of the house :)
Dad's leaving this weekend for his annual guys' trip to St. Louis. I'm not sure what mom and I will do...maybe hang out with a friend of ours in the neighborhood. I think we'll pop in at the mall and maybe putz around a bit...get a bite to eat and head home. It's supposed to be really hot over the next few days so I won't be going outside any time soon. We went for a walk this morning with Blaine and Jenny but we couldn't go long because the sun was too hot for me. Mom was sweating!
I'll keep ya posted on my swim progress...oh, I almost forgot - I went under water for the first time! I swallowed a bunch of water...but I didn't cry. I think we'll have to work on this one...

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