Thursday, July 30, 2009

Helping Mom Make Brownies

Ahhh...what a day, what a day. I am pooped! It's raining cats and dogs in Mt. Vernon today. Thank god we only had yoga today!!!! I'm so tired!!! Mom drove me right home after class and I slept in the car. I got to see dad over lunch and that made me very happy.
Mom was finally able to cut my nails today. I've been a little difficult lately...every time she tried to do it I would pull my hands away. I think she just got sick of me putting battle wounds on her arms from using them as my scratching post!

We're having our friends over tonight; Mike and Jackie. Mom and dad are going to make sweet corn, brats, potato wraps and brownies. I can't wait! I think mom is going to pump too so that she can have a glass of wine and so Mike and Jackie can try to feed me with a bottle. We just found out they're moving so we're trying to squeeze in as much time with them as we can!

Mom and I bought our tickets last night to fly back to Mass. for Thanksgiving. We'll be there for 2 whole weeks! Holy cow! Alright, it's time for me to go...I have to help mom make brownies for tonight before I go down for my afternoon nap. Geeze, my work here is never done.

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