Saturday, July 4, 2009

Loungin' Around

Today I just hung around the house. I woke up around 7'ish and daddy and mommy took me out to breakfast at The Red Barn with Aunt Erica and Nick. It was packed! Mom had 2 cinnamon buns (!) some eggs, fruit, potatoes and coffee...yummmm. I ended up falling asleep over her shoulder and stayed like that until we got home.
It was just a relaxing day. We played Taboo and Trivial Pursuit like a million times...and daddy was whoopin' all of our 'you know whats'. Can you say, rematch? I played in my horse, ate, slept and hung out with my family. It was just another great day in the Ruffing household.
Dad leaves next weekend for St. Louis for his guys' weekend. He's meeting up with Uncle Dave and Micah. That should be interesting...I'm not sure what mom and I will do. I know she wants to take me blueberry picking but it's been too hot these past few weeks so hopefully, the weather will be better in the next couple of days. If we do go, she said I could help her make something yummy for dessert: blueberry pie...blueberry cobbler...blueberry muffins???
Aunt Erica leaves tomorrow :( so it's back to the ole' grind for me. Dad has to mow the lawn at some point...and I have my 6 month appointment on Monday - blah. I have to get shots. No fun.
Anywho - not much else to say - thought I'd throw a picture of my other aunt on here. Her name is Aunt Laura and she lives in Mass. I went to see her a few weeks ago and we hit it off really well.

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