Thursday, July 16, 2009

Daddy & Dylan Night!

It's been an interesting day. I usually don't wake up until 8/830 or so...but I woke up at 630 this morning. It might have been because daddy walked in the room to get his toothbrush...or because Bailey walked in to drink out of her bowl and her claws make a loud noise when she walks across the wood floors...or it could have been because I peed thru my onesie. Who knows...but I woke up and boy was I a grump!
Mom tried to get me back to sleep but I just wouldn't shut my eyes. So, she gave me my medicine, strapped me in my carseat and off to yoga we went. I cried for a few minutes and then I fell asleep :) Yoga was great.
We drove home and I fell asleep in the car again. I got home and mom tried to put me down for a nap 3 different times and all I wanted to do was play so we played in my room until 3'ish. I finally went down for my afternoon nap around 315 and mom thought I'd sleep for a good 1-2 hours but nope - I woke up at 4! This is not looking good for dad.
See, it's daddy and Dylan night is going out to eat with her friend Melissa and she's never EVER left me during bedtime before! Good luck dad! She's pumped dinner for me though...and dad knows how to give me a bath...give me my me my favorite book...and rock me to sleep. Let's see how he does...
I'll check back in with you all tomorrow :)

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