Monday, July 20, 2009

Rub A Dub Dub!

I had such a good time on the boat yesterday! I probably looked like a white spot out on the water though because mom kept putting sunscreen all over me like every 2 seconds?! Geeze mom! I loved the sound of the motor...and fell asleep a few times because of it. I watched mom and dad jump in the water and then they took me in with them. It was my first time in Table Rock Lake! I was such a good swimmer and I even showed off my fancy kicks that I do every week in swim class. I think dad wants to buy a boat now...he's got the bug :) (I'll post pics of me on the lake has to upload 'em first).
That's me over to the right...and those are yoga blankets behind me. Mom was getting me ready for yoga and she took a snapshot of me because she said I was just too cute not to!

I also got a new tub...take a look! It makes this really cool 'quacking' when you pinch its beak. I love it! That's me playing the's my favorite tub toy and I can't take a bath without it. Whoops! Gotta is calling me!

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