Friday, July 3, 2009

Icky Icky Poo Poo!!!

Picture this: me, mom and dad are all sitting down to eat a nice lunch. I'm in my's feeding me my fave: sweet potatoes and her and dad are eating leftover pizza. All of a sudden, I'm no longer interested in what I'm eating. "Oh well," dad says. "I guess he's just not hungry." Next thing I know, mom says she's going to change my diaper and put me in something cute for the day (I was still in my pjs since we'd only been grocery shopping). Mom usually needs help getting me out of my seat since my legs are so fat. My chunky monkey thighs get stuck when she tries to take me out so dad has to pull the Bumbo off of me. Well, today, I just slid right out. Wanna know why? I SHIT MY PANTS...AND LET IT RUN ALL THE WAY DOWN MY RIGHT LEG...No need for any assistance here folks...I made my own lubricant...called SHIT!
Ugh...Aunt Erica was going to be walking in the door any minute...and mom nor dad had taken a shower. Oh well. I'm more important. It was 'Operation Icky Icky Poo Poo' time.
Mom stripped me down to my nickers...and dad got the spray wash out. The next thing I know, there's poop all over mom's shirt, down her shorts and I'm flat on my back in the tub. Dad is yelling "ya know, I can see how your life just changes in a moment." And they both start laughing. (Okay, maybe it didn't go quite like that...but I had to give you the G-rated version of their conversation).
To make a long story short - I'm all cleaned up now. And mom and daddy say I'm still the best little boy ever. Let's see what tomorrow brings...can you say...PEE PEE?

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