Saturday, July 18, 2009

Swinging to Sleep

I had such a fun day today! I woke up at 830 and had breakfast with mommy and daddy. Then we jumped in the car and headed to swim class at the Y. It was daddy's first time watching me kick my feet in the water and I was so happy that he came. After that, we went home to clean up and then headed to Republic for a BBQ at Rose's house. I got to sit in a swing on a huge play set for the first time! Look at my pictures!
After mom and dad pushed me a few times...I fell right asleep :) It must have been all the fun in the sun I was having. Mom scooped me up and took me inside for a nap.
Let's see...then we drove home and I just kind of hung out and got ready for bed. I'm actually still up right now. I'm protesting. I don't want to go to bed yet. Mom and dad say it's time, but I say no way.
Guess what I'm doing tomorrow? I'm going boating for the first time. Our friends Mike and Jackie invited us to Table Rock Lake for a nice boat ride and I'm super excited! Mommy is going to pack a whole bunch of food for us...and some yummy dessert...and she's already got my swim trunks packed! Yahoo! I'll be sure she takes lots of pictures of me for my blog!
See ya tomorrow!

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