Saturday, July 11, 2009

Great Day - But Busy Day

Dad's still out of town and boy do mom and I miss him. It's been a long day...and I'm pooped. I woke up around 630'ish this morning and somehow, mom got me to go back down until 8. Let's see, got my medicine...ate...and left for swim class.

Started swim class at 10..loved it...but then I threw a tantrum in the locker room...and yeah, mom was stressin'. She had a towel on since we'd just rinsed off in the shower and she was trying to calm me down and well = her towel fell get the picture.

Then we went to the mall and met up with our friend Jackie. Mom dropped off her wedding ring to get resized...and shopping we went! I got some new clothes...Macy's was having this HUGE one day sale = go figure :) Mom picked me up a $48 outfit for $5! You can't beat it! We grabbed lunch and even splurged on a milkshake. Yummmm....

By now, it was around 4 and I was ready to head home. I fell asleep in the car and before I knew it, we were pulling into our driveway. We took it easy this evening. Mom and I ate dinner = she had a sandwich and I had some bananas. Then we watched a movie...Confessions of a was cute. Then it was bathtime.

Mom got me all cleaned up and ready for bed - then I pooped. I pooped all over my new onesie and up my back, etc. Man, was it a mess. Poor mom...she's had one heck of a weekend. She's going to need a day to herself when dad gets home (hint, hint dad).

Anywho - I'm off to bed. Love, Dylan

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